Rita Ron Max and Bob #People-of-Beerwah

Rita Ron Max and Bob #PeopleofBeerwah
Rita Ron Max and Bob #PeopleofBeerwah

What do you like about Beerwah?

The Community Spirit, We’ve lived here for a long time

Its a close to everything, it’s close to the Coast it’s close to Brisbane

What changes have you seen.

Just look over the Road – (points over the the Woolworth Complex being built)

I came here in 1973, it was just a sleepy little village then,just the main street and that was it.

How does the future look?

Looks like it’s going to get bigger, it’s all go from here I think.

It’s been declared a Regional Centre, a lot of the customers here are coming from further out, Peachester and Caloundra probably.

Rita Ron Max and Bob are part of the Lions and help collect re-cycled Aluminium Cans and metal ever four weeks opposite the Paint Place in Beerwah, (alongside the Coochin Creek Co-Op).

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