Meet the Farmer: Les and Marji from Sandy Creek Organic Farm

Les and Marji own and manage Sandy Creek Organic Farm which is one of the Sunshine Coasts most popular and successful organic farms. Les and Marji first got inspired by the idea of community supported agriculture on their small farm on the side of Mt Beerwah.

Community Supported Agriculture would involve growing a wider range of products than those which could be grown on their existing farm on Mt Beerwah so in order to fulfil their dreams Les and Marji purchased the much larger and more fertile Sandy Creek Organic Farm in 2003 where they first began their adventure.

Meet Les and Marji Nicholls from Sandy Creek Organic Farm

Meet Organic Farmers Les and Marji Nicholls for Sandy Creek Organic Farm

It took them a couple of years to get going before they supplied their first veggie boxes in the spring of 2004 and have been going ever since.

Community Supported Agriculture is the idea of selling directly to people though a system which involved weekly vegetable boxes and payments in advance and which involves and offers more commitment and connection between the Farm, the Farmer and the People who eat the produce and who have direct contact with the farmer.

Open Days:  Les and Marji hold  open days twice a year in the Spring and Autumn. Open days hinge around the idea of improving the connection with their customers and with the neighbourhood. Everyone is invited to come along to their open days.

“We put out food and music, and offer tours of the farm and demonstrate the way we farm”.

“We also like everyone to get a hands on experience of farming doing a bit of planting and a few things like that”.

“Everybody always seems to have a good time, they enjoy the day out on the farm and they enjoy getting that connection with the farm”.

Everyone is invited, food, music tours of the farm and demonstrations of the way they farm and we like everyone to get involved. It’s a great day out and a good opportunity to meet the people who are eating our food.

Sandy Creek Organic Farm may not use traditional methods of farming but because they include people in their equation they guarantee themselves long term success.

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