Meet the Shopkeeper: Pauline and Temeike from Neddy’s Nosebag Cafe and Takeway

Pauline and Temeike from Neddy’s Nosebag Cafe

With friendly staff like Pauline and Temeike serving you at Neddy’s Nosebage Cafe and Takeaway, it’s little wonder that Neddy’s has long been a popular stopover cafe and resting place for both Locals and travellers and why wouldn’t it be?

When asked what the like about their jobs Sisters Pauline and Temeike replied “We love food and we love people“,  with ingredients like these two it’s easy to see why Nedd’y Nosebag is renowned for it delicious Golden Fried Chicken, Chips, cheese and chicken gravy – offering locals the best burgers ever!

Pauline and Temeike Newton serving at Neddys Nosebag Cafe and Takeaway 2014

Neddy’s has tables and chairs outside and it “just feel’s like your in a country town” while you relax in take in the atmosphere offered by the friendly townsfolk of Beerwah.

Address: 14/60 Simpson St, Beerwah QLD 4519
Phone:(07) 5494 0600

Neddy Nosebag Cafe and Takeaway - with roadworks

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  1. Thanks guys. Just to let everyone know we will be closed on Thursday 17th September for renovations. Please like us on Facebook for a re – opening date. We’re not sure on an exact date yet but it will be approximately 2 weeks.

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