Meet the Shopkeeper: Fleur from Feed and Fodder Beerwah

Fleur from Feed and Fodder brings the traditional feel of a “friendly pet shop” to back to Beerwah.

Feed and Fodder in Beerwah have plenty of parking in front, which great for Mum and the kids to feel safe in and are conveniently located in Beerwah’s industrial estate at 18 Bondi Crescent, what’s more, they are open late on a Saturday, and occasionally I have seen activity on a Sunday.

Feed and Fodder Beerwah

Fleur sells and supplies everything you need for a horse, dog, cat, guinea pig, chickens, birds, sheep, goats, alpaca’s and pigs as well as Feed, Hay and other supplements.

Apart from the wide range of products they offer, what I like most about Fleur’s Feed and Fodder outfit is that both parents and children are made to feel welcome, my kids have to be roused on in  other pet stores but here their questions are answered and they are given the advice guidance and respect paying customers to deserve.

Feed and Fodder Tucker and Produced for Pets

Feed and Fodder Beerwah

Feed and Fodder, Beerwah
18 Bondi Crescent, Beerwah

Phone – 07 5494 0008
Email –

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