Meet Handyman Ian Mckee: Works like a Bee charges like a Flea

Who can fix and improve your Property? Ian the Handyman can! Ian charges $200 a day for building and maintenance work and I can guarantee you will get your money’s worth from Ian because ‘word of mouth’ is always the best reference and I am pleased to say I have always been happy with Ian’s work for me.

You will find him to be friendly and helpful and good at his job.  I love that Ian turns up with his 3-ton diesel truck loaded with tools often with a young backpacker in tow to hand him his tools. Ian’s an interesting character and you will often find him surrounded by Athletes, Artists or Musicians.  (at 50 Ian’ runs a  Kilometre in 3.5 minutes and covers 5km in a little over 22 minutes).

Meet Handyman Ian Mckee

Ian Mckee – Handyman and Athlete

Call Ian Mckee if you are looking for ongoing maintenance and repairs including painting, plastering, tiling, lighting, locks, rendering, structural alterations, gardening, water damage and general upkeep of your home. (full list at the end of this article).

Call Ian on 5494 0001 or on 5498 2008 (leave a message),

Meet Ian Mckee from Mount Mee, works like a bee and charges like a flea.

Ian’s your Handyman: If you need a handyman or a contractor to help you out, from small repairs to complete renovations Ian can do everything from large improvements to odd jobs around the home, garden or office and offers a full comprehensive range of home maintenance, building and repair services.

  • Home maintenance from fixing a leak to renovating the complete room and bathroom (or even a whole house!)
  • Building Shed, Carports, Outdoor BBQ’s
  • Interior and exterior painting,
  • Indoor and outdoor furniture staining / painting,
  • Deck repairs, cleaning and finishing
  • Installing curtains & blinds
  • Hang pictures, shelves, mirrors, handrails, towel rails …
  • Paving and tiling
  • Install security doors, locks, pet doors/ flaps, draft strips
  • Yard and garage cleanup
  • Clean paths, driveways, barbecues, brickwork, windows, behind fridges and washers

Call Ian on 5494 0001 or on 5498 2008 (leave a message). Ian will always get back to you in the evening and will come out to see you and decide what tools or vehicle he needs for the job.

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