Meet Dave the Glasshouse Honeyman – Local Farm Stall

Glass House Mountains “Honeyman”

Meet Dave Erbacher the Glass House Mountains “Honeyman”.  Dave breeds bees and sell honey at his roadside  farm stall outside his home along the Sahara Road, in the Glass House Mountains.

Like all local honey Dave’s honey is seasonal  which means may tastes lightly different or  looks lighter in summer and darker in winter, because of what the bees feed on during the different seasons. Local or ‘natural honey” also crystallise over time and tastes absolutely gorgeous in any season.

The Glasshouse Mountains Honeyman Dave Erbacher 2014

In Dave’s own words:

I’m a local beekeeper, I have hives in Glasshouse Mountains and Beerwah and I get enough honey from those hives to sell on this street stall in Glasshouse. Its local it’s pure it varies during the year.

Macadamia nuts are flowering at moment so the next lot batch of honey will be lighter in colour, the honey I am selling that the moment is Eucalyptus,  it’s a winter honey and darker and goes candy in the winter, which only pure honey will do.

Local Glasshouse Mountains Honey

The nice thing about Dave is you can drop of a Jar and he will measure and weight the correct amount of honey into it and charge accordingly.

Speaking with Dave,  I he explained that he and chosen to settle in the Glasshouse country after coming up from Melbourne a few years ago.

To find Dave just drive down or up Sahara Road in Glasshouse and you will find Dave’s “local honey” sign towards the lower end of Sahara Rd, (eastern) closest to Glass House Township.

Note: If you know of any other locals selling at farm stalls outs side their home please let us know so that we can support them. The will get free promotion on this website and on Facebook and in our regular glasshouse country newsletter which we send out.   

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