Meet Craig Quinn from Eleven Hills Adventures

Meet Craig Quinn and watch this video of a delightful soul who will take you and your family for mountain bike rides around the splendid glasshouse house mountains. You don’t even need your own bike because Craig Quinn has over 50 bikes to choose from and he will take them to the starting point,  (or you bring your own bike),  All you have do do is turn at at the designated venue at the designated time.

Meet Craig Quinn from Eleven Hills Adventures

Craig appears to be a ‘natural headsmen’ and as you will see in the video he cares deeply for his mixed groups of riders of mixed abilities, why not give him a call and take your family to the next level of fitness and spend some time together in the delightful glasshouse mountains.

Craig can take you from Absolute Beginner to in and intermediate rider in less than 6 months.

We head out on a Monday night with the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland Mountain Bike group.  Wednesdays we have our Club 24 which is our 10 and under group and on Fridays we have a ladies group and that is split into two groups now, “fast girls” and “absolute beginners”.  Collette and our other girls will ride off on a Friday morning.

Mooloolah Ride Eleven Hills Adventure

In general I will take out our faster kids to keep them going for their racing and then the big one of course is school camps.  We spend a lot of time at school camps and school programs.  I will end up with four to five schools and I will over service them, that is my main goal.  At the moment we have Glasshouse Christian College, Noosa Christian College and then the outdoor education consultant. We are looking for two more schools and then we are up, up and away.

Sunday Ride to Ewan Maddock

Come join us on our Brumby spotting ride on Sunday at 2pm. See if you can spot a true Glass House Brumby and if we are lucky we may see a foal or two. It is an easy flat ride. Meet at Wild Horse Mountain carpark at 2pm. $15.00 per person , we also have mountain bikes to hire so please let us know if you would like a Mountain bike, so we have one there for you.

Brumbies in the Glasshouse Mountains

If you would like to know more, please call Craig on 0408 400 723 or look him up on Facebook

Sunday afternoon rides are getting more and more popular. This week we will start from outside the Primary School in Mooloolah just after 2pm. We will cruise through the tunnel and then head into Ewen Maddock Dam, then back to the the school.

Eleven Hills Adventures Glass House Mountains

If you would like to know more, Please call Craig on 0408 400 723 or look him up on Facebook

Meet Craig Quinn on YouTube


Please call Craig on 0408 400 723 to book a ride.

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