Meet a Local: Miller Wilson – Bringing You Closer To Nature

Meet Miller Wilson, our very own local hero who’s gone to Hollywood to appear on an American TV Network as a special guest. There will be more on that and I will keep you posted, (I have been waiting weeks till it’s was safe to share his exciting news), and understand that there are also other producers who are talking to him as well.

Be sure to check out his youtube channel just search youtube for ‘Miller Wilson’, his video receives hundreds of thousands of views and he makes very entertaining and scary wildlife documentaries. He has caught barehanded all manner of wildlife from snakes to sharks to gigantic eels, echidnas and bats to name a few. He is also incredibly knowledgeable on each of the animals he catches.

Mill Wilson – Made for the Wild 

Miller Wilson – Made for the Wild

Here is a link to his video of him catching a shovel nosed shark bare handed.

Miller catching a Shovel Nosed Shark Bare Handed

Miller Wilson catching a freshwater eel

This is the Intro on Miller’s YouTube Channel: Throughout My Videos, I Am Going To Bring You Closer To Nature, From Deadly Snakes, To Cute Little Creatures, And All Animals In Between! All My Life I Have Been Drawn To What Our World’s Wildlife Has To Offer. I Will Catch Animals With My BAREHANDS Or Sometimes Even Hunt, Cook And Eat Them. Then I Will Teach You About Them, Then Send Them On Their Way. Every Day, I Am Putting Myself In Life Threatening Situations, And Some Of The Time, It Does NOT End Out Too Well. So If You Think My Message Is Worthy, Subscribe To My Channel And Maybe One Day… You Will Love The The Wild Just As Much As I Do… – Click Here for Miller Wilson’s YouTube Channel 

Be sure to Subscribe to Millers YouTube Channel

Click Here for Miller Wilson’s YouTube Channel 

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