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I’m doing something cool and free for the community, stuff that makes peoples smile and which is helpful to local residents and business.  I had no idea it would become as popular as it has.

Lets get to it!

People are Important Here

Community is about People and activities they perform, and so we choose to focus on People here. Browse around and find out a little more about the people you already know.  Please Suggest People we should Interview – I’m always looking for people to interview and would be very happy to receive suggestions form our readers.

Whether you choose to use this service to share your news, promoting events, or look up local history you will find this website helpful in some way.This Site Map has been arranged to present most of what is on the website ordered by category and subject, its a good place to start.

I offer a free communication, advertising and promotion tool to everyone living in Glasshouse Country.

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How to be Helpful

I want you to know that everything here is free and easy.  You can comment on any of the posts, or add articles and information of your own, or fill in any information, which we may have missed.

You will find a few recurring themes. Music and Arts, Sport and Clubs, People and Business. In Essence this web site is about all of us and we want you to be a part of it.

Music and Art

Music and Art We support Local Musician and Artist by publishing Videos, Music and Gig,  (by the way we need someone to become our Contributing Music Editor, if you think this is you and that you do this please make contact).

You can read up on Local Bands, Musicians and Tutors and Trainers

Other Popular Posts

There are a variety of posts that people seem to really like. These are few of them; some have to do with music, business, events and doing cool stuff in the community

Glasshouse Country Coffee Club is themed around the idea of getting together as a Community at different venues i.e a Coffee Club and talking about the things which matter to us in the community, so that we an make a change.

Start Here for Glasshouse CountryWhy you should contribute an Article explaining why it’s a great idea to contribute news, information and events.

We want you to know that everything here is free and easy.  You can comment on any of the posts and add information, which we may have missed.

New to our website? Welcome aboard.

Social Media

Connect via Social Media. Follow us on your preferred social network: Twitter,FacebookGoogle+, Pinterest, and Instagram  where I share a lot of insightful and funny things I don’t say here.

There’s a lot of content here, and you certainly don’t have to read it all at once,  I suggest you have a look at the Detailed Site Map  where I have listed almost every page on this website.

Community Contributed News

We are looking for editors.  If you know what you are talking about, then we want you.

History Editor:  We need someone willing to write about the past, anyone, related to the museum or history society

Sports Editor:  We need people interested in sports, involved in the clubs, who would be willing to put up photos and write about sports.

Town Editor: We need people to look after each of the towns,  G M B P L  they would be responsible for the local news, shops, sales events etc.

Music Editor: We would love a “Music Editor” someone interested in Music and promoting events, talent contests and everything to do with Music


Your comments are important and help up provide content which is relevant. Each time one of our reader forgets to write leave a comment or a review, a kitten dies. It’s sad and breaks our hearts. Comment on our website and save a kitten today.

What you get for FREE

Our “Town Square” is your “Town Square”.

  • If you send us your news we will publish it.
  • If you write an editorial we will print it.
  • If you send us your business card we will promote it.
  • If you comment on the website, people will read it.

What you get for FreeIn the business world there are many organisations, and affiliations that aid networking with other business people and from these relationships – joint ventures, trades alliances and other opportunities result. We are probably the only local organization which offers our community a networking experience for free and without a commitment in time, money or travel.

All you have to do to be part of our network is to share your news and information with us, so we can share it with others.

Whilst a number of good newspapers are available for publishing your news and information, the personal “one-on-one” experience is lacking because there is no easy way to establish a “two-way” relationship with your readers.

We feel that our community website offers our authors and readers an opportunity to establish one-to-one relationships with each other. Subscribers receive local news and information and business people are able to offer promotion, vouchers and discounts in our electronic newsletter.

I feel that by sharing articles news and information online, organizations and businesses are able to break through the impersonal barrier that exist in paper print and establish mutually beneficial relationships with other local readers and contributors to the Glasshouse County Community website.

Some business people recognise that when they provide quality information, which in truthful and engaging they are able to generate phone calls and links back to their own websites.

Consider the paper print world for a moment: no matter how much you paid, your news item or advertisement it will only be available for a limited time. We offer an avenue, which is FREE and has a longer “shelf life”, first in the electronic newsletter which we send out periodically and then on the website and then in internet search engines.

It’s worth mentioning that we are exclusively about People and Business in our own Glasshouse Country region, we are a “locals only” venue and we are uninterested in advertising or promoting anyone outside of our community.

So if you are still interested, consider getting involved.

How do I get involved

Tell us about it: If you write an article and offer it to the community you will increase your chance of meeting someone who feels the same way or who may need your expertise.

Show us: Sent us your photo’s or video and we will display them online.

Comment on the website: We’ve have left comment boxes under each of the articles on the website because we believe that communication is a vital part of the community.

Link to Us: Did you know that Glasshouse Country Website is rated No 1 and that if a number No. 1 website links back to your own personal website it automatically gives your personal website a higher ranking. If you link to us we will link back to you.

Talk about us: Tell you friends and family about the Glasshouse Country website.

Exclusive promotions: We offer exclusive discounts, vouchers and promotions in our newsletter and consider offering customers a discount using our newsletter and you will find out how effective our free online newsletter really is.

Want to Advertise Here?

Sure, I’d love you to advertise here with me and I will ensure you get promoted.   Many companies have benefited from what I offer for free,   but the simple fact is that paying me for what I do helps me promote you better, so if you are still interested here are some the marketing option I can offer you.  As at 2014 my website get +600 views with equates to about 300 local visitors a day, (and that’s every day, 365 days a year).

We understand that “most” people use Facebook to stay in touch, (as at 2014) so that is where we will stay, but we also recognise that more and more readers are using Google Plus to communicate with each other so we have made ourselves available to our +Google readers.

Of course I still believe that subscribing to our Glasshouse County Newsletter is a great way to get a fortnightly update of everything that is happening on our website and in the Glasshouse Country Region

So here are the ways you can stay in touch

We still love and use the oldest technology known to man: which is to chat and talk with one another in the towns we live in and you will see me around from time to time interviewing and taking photos of Locals and Landmarks alike and sharing them as I see fit on one of our social media outlets.

so lets keep on talking and stay local


Some of the Marketing and Promotion I offer.

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